Saturday, May 11, 2024

RBA: TEMMINCK’S STINT in Victoria - May 10-13th

At 6:45 pm on May 11-2024, Joachim Bertrands and Sean McElaney found a Temminck’s Stint at the SE corner of Panama Flats in Victoria.

Map to location HERE

The bird was viewed for over 40 mins foraging with Least Sandpipers, before it flew off with them towards the Central Dyke and was not relocated as it was dark.

This is the second record for BC.

The bird was photographed on May 10-2024 by Gordon Hart who initially thought it was a Spotted Sandpiper. You can view that image HERE

The bird continued HERE at Panama Flats on the Centre Dyke and HERE in the SE corner on May 12th and 13th and has been viewed by multiple observers.

***The bird was not relocated on May 14th and 15th, despite multiple observers looking.***

Temminck’s Stint in Victoria (Photos: Joachim Bertrands)

*Parking is on Baker Street HERE off Carey Rd or on Barrington Rd off Baker St HERE Please do not block driveways or park too close to street corners.

The entrance to Panama Flats is on Carey Rd near Baker Rd - walk around the gray metal gates with the No Parking signs to access Panama Flats and the trail to the bird.*

Videos of the bird filmed by Joachim Bertrands on May 11th, can be viewed below:

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