Sunday, May 5, 2024

RBA: LESSER NIGHTHAWK in Tofino - May 3-4th

Kelsey Freitag photographed a Lesser Nighthawk at 8:45pm on May 4th-2024. She originally viewed the same bird the night before on May 3rd at 8pm and took video. She initially thought it was a Common Nighthawk but her photos show a bird with white wing bars extending closer to the tips of the wings and the time of year fits Lesser Nighthawk much better as well.

Map to location she viewed the bird both nights is HERE

The bird was not relocated on May 5th, despite many looking.

This is the 4th record for Vancouver Island and the 5th record for BC.

Lesser Nighthawk in Tofino - Photos: Kelsey Freitag

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