Friday, March 11, 2011

RBA: LESSER GOLDFINCH (Vancouver-Point Grey)

March 11th--This male Lesser Goldfinch was photographed by Stephen Forgacs at his feeder near 8th Ave and Blanca Street (Point Grey)--in the area known as "Little Australia."

He will be updating us on whether or not the bird is sticking around. If you want to arrange a visit, his email is:

UPDATE-- The bird has not been re-sighted as of Sunday, March 13th


  1. Hi, We spotted the little fellow this morning Sunday, April 10th at one of our backyard feeders and thought for sure it was a lesser goldfinch, but couldn't figure out what he was doing in Vancouver. We live at ninth and Trimble. We will update you on whether or not we see him again. Thanks for posting the info because we had a hard time believing our eyes and bird books.

  2. H, it's Steve again in Pt. Grey. We had a second visit from the lesser goldfinch today around 5 p.m. He seems to enjoy the cracked, hulled sunflower seeds. The regular goldfinches are in abundance so I guess they make him feel at home, sort of.

  3. Thanks for the report Steve! Next time send me an email (listed above) as I don't always check through the comments on older posts. That's great news though! Did you get any photos? And any follow up sightings? If so, would you be willing to have other birders come over to look? Please reply via my email. Cheers!