Friday, June 17, 2011

Another BAR-TAILED GODWIT @Boundary Bay

[Barwit on LEFT, with Marbled Godwit]

This report and pic from Mike Tabak (June 14th):

On the way home from work today I stopped off at Boundary Bay and found some late spring shorebird migrants, including two less than annual species in the Vancouver area. 13 Whimbrel, I BAR-TAILED GODWIT, 1 Marbled Godwit, and a SABINE'S GULL were in front of the mansion west of the foot of 96 st about 5:30 PM on the high tide. All birds flew west as the tide rolled in and could possibly be refound at Beach Grove or TF Jetty. Strong winds may have blown in other interesting birds.

June 15th UPDATE: All 3 birds (2 godwits and SAGU) still present as of June 15th (Roger Foxall)

June 16th UPDATE: Bar-tailed Godwitt STILL present near "The Mansion" west of the foot of 96th street (on the dyke). This was around 6pm on a rising tide. (Carlo Giovanella)

June 19 UPDATE: John Reynolds saw it again this evening.

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