Thursday, June 30, 2011

CRESTED CARACARA seen over Revelstoke!!!

(No photos)
Around 11am this morning I spotted a CRESTED CARACARA flying north over the Revelstoke Airport. It didn't stop and continued a steady flight up the Illecillawaet Valley toward Rogers Pass. It was about 200m up and although I only saw it as it flew away, the flight style, overall shape, and wing-pattern were unmistakable. I doubt we'll be seeing this bird again but I'll certainly keep my eyes open! While trying to locate it later on I noted a good variety of soaring birds in the area including Bald Eagles, Osprey, many Turkey Vultures, 2 Merlin, and strangely-- a single American White-Pelican (flying west/north up the Columbia toward the Mica Dam).

The word "escapee" may come to mind although given its behavior and location (well away from any known captive-raptor collections) I would lean toward a wild bird. It has certainly been a strange spring both in BC and in the southern US.. definitely worth keeping an eye out throughout the summer and fall!

Russ Cannings
Revelstoke, BC


  1. Great bird Russ!!! Send it over my way, wouldja?

  2. I'll try but I'm guessing this one is headed for the Calgary Stampede!

  3. Nicely done Russ!!!!