Friday, July 13, 2012

Ash-throated Flycatcher in Agassiz

From Rick Toochin:
[Agassiz is in the Fraser Valley]

"It was along Tuyttens Road very near Cutter Road.  From Highway 7 you just cross over the Rosedale Bridge heading towards Agassiz. Turn left down Whelpton Road then at the end of this road turn left on Tuyttens Road. Look for it in the habitat by the slough. This is very close to where birds have been reported before which begs the question why do they turn up here so much? In the same area was a Sora calling, 1 Western Kingbird, 2 Eastern Kingbirds and a nesting Kestrel. I tried for the reported Indigo Bunting and only had singing male Lazuli Buntings along McGregor Road."

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