Friday, July 20, 2012


More details pending-- all I know right now is that Peter Hamel observed a breeding plumaged adult COMMON GREENSHANK near the Sandspit airport on July 18. Also recently in the same area was a breeding-plumaged RED-NECKED STINT.

I believe the greenshank would represent the first BC record.

UPDATE: Thanks to Rick Toochin for passing on more info from Peter (who is away on holiday):

The Greenshank was an adult in breeding plumage feeding at Little Spit at Sandpit as the tide was rising. There was an adult breeding plumaged Pacific Golden Plover near it as well as a small flock of peeps. The bird was well observed in a scope and binoculars just unfortunately Peter didn’t have
a camera with him. The bird came in fairly close before a Raven flew over and flushed it away.
There were a few Ravens nearby as they were trying to catch a family baby Oystercatchers and the adults were making a hell of a lot of noise. Peter felt that this commotion made the birds like the Greenshank nervous and the rest of the birds flighty. Peter was able to hear it call when the bird flew, see the white on the back in flight , and when it was sitting the green legs and the thick upturned bill, etc. He was in disbelief when he found it but has seen this species before on his travels in Europe and Asia in the past. He is really sad he didn’t have a camera with him at the time!

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