Monday, December 17, 2012

Dec 16 to Jan 10, RBA: BRAMBLING in Summerland. 

This bird, a winter plumage male Brambling, was found on Penticton's Christmas Bird Count, December 16, by Tom Lowery and Robyn de Young. The bird is frequenting their feeder in the Trout Creek area of Summerland. The address is 5816 Nixon Rd. You can see the feeder from the road. Please respect private property and note that this is very close to an elementary school so please use caution while driving. The homeowners say it is best to avoid the time between 8 & 9 AM as the area is very busy with kids coming to school. Most recently, bird was present between 11:15 and 11:25 AM on Jan 10 (Mike Force).


  1. The brambling was seen this morning (Dec. 17) at about 11 a.m. by Doug Brown.

  2. Seen Dec. 18th at about 10:30 am by 7 people -
    Laure Neish

  3. Has it been seen today (Dec 20)? A few of us from Spokane are hoping to chase tomorrow.