Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Lesser Black-backed Gull in Kelowna

An adult winter LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL was found at the Maude Roxby Bird Sanctuary at the foot of Francis Ave in Kelowna the afternoon of Dec 26 (Chris Charlesworth & Ryan Tomlinson). While very rare throughout the province, this species is now annual in the Okanagan Valley. This represents the first record of Lesser Black-backed Gull in the valley so far this winter. In a late report, we've learned that what appears to be this same bird was photographed on the ice with other gulls at Robert Lk in Kelowna, on Dec 23 (Stu Weir).
                                                      Photo by Chris Charlesworth


  1. I'm pretty sure I saw one at the Okanagan Lake beach in Penticton on Dec. 1st. A distant view (on one of the buoys), but it was a very dark-backed, mid-sized (smaller than Herring) gull with yellow legs. -- Dick Cannings

  2. Same bird photographed on the ice at Robert Lk in Kelowna, Dec 23 (Stu Weir).

  3. Adult seen again at Kelowna Landfill on Jan 26 *(Chris Charlesworth, Ryan Tomlinson).