Monday, January 14, 2013

Red-flanked Bluetail photos from Peter Candido

Here are two views of the Red-flanked Bluetail taken by Peter Candido today at Queens Park, New Westminster, BC.


  1. Michael Force says it's still there at 8 AM on Jan 15!!

  2. Saw the beauty at 4:15pm today (Jan. 16) thanks to a fellow birder and family. Still in the NW corner of the park. Hints (from my 1 encounter): it seems to be forging with juncos. it forages on the ground similar to juncos. it's very hard to see against the ground. it flys low from foraging to a low perch (< 3m). It flys up into the trees after foraging a bit, then disappears, re-appearing again on the ground in another spot.
    If it does disappear, don't just stand there looking up into the trees! ;) it seems to move through the trees, undetected then back down to forage again, so move around to other areas beneath large conifers, slowly and carefully looking for quick movements on the ground.
    Good luck!
    - Julian

    1. Reading my comment today,
      One must realize It was written in my own way.
      I just wanted to offer some advice,
      Though it could have come across a bit (more) nice!
      - Julian

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