Monday, April 29, 2013

*(Reported) BLACKBURNIAN WARBLER in Kelowna

Apr 29--A male BLACKBURNIAN WARBLER has been reported from the Kelowna area where it was apparently visiting a suet feeder in the riparian wooded area near the intersection of Cook St and Lakeshore Drive.

Several birders scoured the area this morning but were unable to find the bird. The landowner was contacted around 8am and she said that she had a brief glimpse at the bird around 7:15am. Unfortunately no photographs have been obtained yet, but this seems to be a credible report. If the bird returns I will post more details on the blog and inquire with the landowner about visitors. "Keeners" can contact me privately if they want to have a go themselves but at this point it seems the bird may have left the area once the sun came out. My email is provided at the top of the main page.

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