Monday, August 19, 2013

Aug 18--REEVE near Quesnel

Pantage Lake is at it again!!! After last year's flocks of Sharp-tailed Sandpipers, not to mention the plethora of other highlights from this hidden gem in recent years, Rod Sargent and Adrian Leather scored again--this time with a REEVE! To make matters even more interesting, they believe there were two reeves present, as 2 identical-looking shorebirds flew in with some Baird's Sandpipers but only one stay long enough for distant record-shots.

A "Reeve" is the female version of "Ruff." Typically we see juvenile birds in BC (if at all) but this bird appears much duller overall with black mottling on the flanks (which points to adult female). Summer/fall males (Ruffs) typically show much whiter chests, throats, and lores.

Pantage Lake is located up the Nazko Hwy, NW of Quesnel, and unfortunately is only accessible via private land and canoes/kayaks are required. Still---we can all marvel at the great birds these guys have turned up in only 3 fall seasons! Both golden plovers, White-rumped Sandpiper, 20+ Sharp-tailed Sandpipers, Buff-breasted Sandpiper, Red Phalarope, Arctic Tern....and so on!

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