Monday, August 26, 2013

Aug 23--PRAIRIE WARBLER in Revelstoke!

After a rainy southerly front pushed through the Columbia Valley in Revelstoke, this PRAIRIE WARBLER was found in a mixed flock of warblers by Devon Anderson on Aug 23. Four other people were able to see it on the same day including James Bradley who took this photograph. This was near the Revelstoke Airport; the bird has not been seen since. At this stage, age/sex is unconfirmed (adult female or hatch-year male seem most likely). Please leave a comment if you have any opinions on the age/sex of this bird.


  1. I lean towards first fall male because of the amount of chestnut in the back. Also, the entire face pattern seems to fix exactly what Jon Dunn / Kimball Garrett say first fall male Prairie Warbler should have, right down to the white 'eyelids'.

  2. Thanks Chris, that's what Devon and James think too. What a bird!

  3. Yes I agree Chris. I also thought the pale horn shade to the bill is probably a good indication of a HY bird.