Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 14--*60+* WHITE-FACED IBIS near Cranbrook!

From Chris N on the East Kootenay yahoo group:

"Had an amazing experience tonight.  Back at Bummer's Flats this evening.  Paddling upstream from the boat launch, came across a pair of cormorants standing on a log at the water's edge.  Assume they were the double crested.  On our way back to the launch, I looked downstream and there was a large flock of birds coming up river.  at a distance thought it was a big flock of Canada geese.  As they got closer I realized it was something different.  Ended up a flock of just over 60 white-faced ibis flew right over top us.  Sunlight was perfect to see the chocolate brown body, green wings, and of course the long bill.  fantastic site and we got extremely close."

Bummer Flats is a complex of wetlands along the Columbia River just north of Fort Steele. Will post more info as it comes.

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