Sunday, May 18, 2014

May 17--Black-throated Sparrow in Osoyoos

Doug Brown found a singing Black-throated Sparrow in the arid sage hills of the Osoyoos West Bench. This is an area where he and others have had the species several times before. If this or other birds become reliable, watch for updates here.

This area is accessed by driving through the subdivision directly south of the Osoyoos Golf Course (Fairwinds Drive etc).


  1. At times, during April I commonly have up to 10 Black-throated Sparrow in my back yard feeding and/or bathing in the wet grass after the irrigation system has been on. This occurrence has taken place for the last three years. This year it occurred between April 4th-8th. Nesting occurs approximately 1km southwest of my yard in a hillside thicket of native vegetation. I live in the same general area as this observation.

  2. Would love to see photos Garry! Please send to: