Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Oct 12--White-headed Woodpecker seen near Merritt

Thanks to David Schutz for passing on a report from Al Serfas of a White-headed Woodpecker (seen by Al) on Thanksgiving weekend along the Coldwater Rd SW of Merritt. When questioned, the ID sounds reliable so this may very well be worth checking out for birders in the Nicola Valley, or anyone desperate for a White-topped Pine-picker in Canada!

Below are the sight details from Al:

(Along Coldwater Rd--Roughly 20km south of Merritt): There are a bunch of large bales wrapped in green plastic on the north side of the road and a rail fenced corral on the south. There are gas pipeline markers there as the pipeline crosses the road. The pine trees are on the north side just east of all the green bales, and the bird was seen well moving through these pines. 

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