Monday, October 13, 2014

Oct 13-14--Red-throated Pipit near Victoria

From Dave Fraser:

"At about noon four pipits flushed off the newly plowed field on Puckle Rd (Martindale Flats, Saanich Peninsula). Settled briefly back down and then flew towards the plowed fields on Lamont Rd. One was a bright adult Red-throated Pipit (face, throat and chest chestnut red, heavily streaks on sides) the other three I assumed were American Pipits although to be honest I hardly looked at them. I have been unable to find them from Lamont Rd for the last 15 minutes or so."

Click HERE for Dave Fraser's checklist complete with field sketches.

Seen again nearby on the 14th by Kirsten Mills. It has not been reported since.

Watch here for updates.

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