Friday, May 15, 2015

May 13 - Aug 10: A dozen White-faced Ibis at Separation Lake near Kamloops

Rick Howie reports a group of a dozen WHITE-FACED IBIS at Separation Lake, located south of Kamloops along Hwy 5A. The birds were feeding at the north end of the lake where a road will allow fairly close access, though please be careful not to flush the birds. Rick saw the ibis at about 4 PM on May 15.

Update: These birds were originally located by Chris Chutter on May 13th, but the sighting may not have been known to many. As of May 24 two birds were seen at Separation Lake in Knutsford. As of May 25 two Ibises were present at Separation Lake in Princeton off Summerland Rd. On August 10 an  observer saw 4 Ibises at the main parking lot at Beaver Ranch Flats (on Hwy 5A - North of Merritt near Quilchena).

The birds have not been seen since August 10th.

White-faced Ibis at Separation Lake, near Kamloops. Part of flock of 12. May 15 (Rick Howie).


  1. 10 of them were still present today at noon, however shortly before 1pm they moved to the west side of the lake where they are less visible.

  2. Had twelve of them today at 3:30 pm by the shore twenty metres away allowing for great views and photos! Most are in breeding plumage and gorgeous !

  3. 3 white-faced ibis seen at Beaver Ranch Flats on June 11 by visiting birders from UK. A nice addition to our BC list!