Friday, July 31, 2015

Whooping Crane(s) summering in BC?

On June 14 two Whooping Cranes were seen flying north near Fintry (west side of Okanagan Lake) (P. Blokker). A second late-report of a single Whooping Crane just came in, this time from Scout Island at Williams Lake. On the evening of July 23rd a single Whooping Crane was observed flying out of the marsh and heading southeast, potentially to some roost site (J. Heal). 

These two sight-records and the time of year allude to possible summering of Whooping Cranes in the province. Such an event is not unprecedented, with two Whooping Cranes having spent June 30th to August 28th, 2003 being seen sporadically between Prince George and McBride. 


  1. Very interesting observation and indeed a rarity. Thanks for your report.
    C. McConnell, Friends of the Wild Whoopers

  2. I'm wondering how much credence to give to these reports. A large white bird with black wing tips leaving the Scout Island marsh is more than likely a White Pelican. Was there any other documentation? And why the speculation it was leaving for some potential roost site?

    Phil Ranson
    Williams Lake

  3. Earlier this afternoon I saw what looked like 4 Whooping Cranes south of Williams Lake. Large white body. white wings with black wing tips