Sunday, October 11, 2015

BROWN BOOBY off Sooke, October 11-12th

On October 11th Cathy Carlson found a juvenile Brown Booby on a log about 3 miles south of Beechy Head (East Sooke). This is southwest of Race Rocks.

On October 12th in the late afternoon the/a booby was relocated floating on a log off of Silver Spray near East Sooke Park (Jeremy Gatten). The bird was >1 km distant. This is relatively close to Beechy Head, where the original sighting took place.

Anybody searching for this bird from shore would be advised to scan boat masts as well as any rocky islets or areas with heavy bird foraging activity in addition to any floating debris. Getting out on a boat would be the best method, allowing closer approach to Race Rocks and other areas. Boat rentals *may* be available from Pedder Bay Marina.

The bird has not been seen since October 12th.

Photo: Cathy Carlson


  1. Re found the following day at Dungeness Bay and confirmed as the same bird through missing secondaries on both wings.