Friday, October 30, 2015

FIELD SPARROW at Oliver's Landing (near Squamish), Oct. 30-31

A Field Sparrow was found by Ken Wright at Furry Creek, Oliver's Landing, at 4:10 pm on Oct. 30th. From the townhouses at Oliver's Landing there's a trail that follows the seashore; walk until you get to a couple of orange cones and some gravel. The bird was near the cones. The coordinates for the location are 49.5854 N, -123.2248 W.  This would be a first provincial record if accepted.
The bird was relocated just south of the same area associating with White-crowned sparrows on the morning of Oct 31st but was not relocated since.

Update: There have been no reports either positive or negative on this bird since one observer reported the bird first thing the morning of October 31st. Further updates by anybody looking are appreciated, and can be left in the comments section or emailed.

Photo: Ken Wright
Photo: Ken Wright

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