Wednesday, August 31, 2016

RBA: BLACK-HEADED GULL near Sayward - Aug 20th-21st

On August 20th-2016, Andy and Nancy Bock found a Black-headed Gull in Sidney Bay near Sayward while they were out boating. The gull was seen with Mew Gulls and Bonaparte's Gulls on a log boom. They photographed the gulls on August 20th and 21st and 10 days later looked at the shots and discovered that they had captured a provincial rarity! This is the 2nd sighting of a Black-headed Gull in the province this year.

The gps coordinates are 50.516156, -125.601396 and it is only accessible by boat. Estimated travel time to the area by boat from Kelsey Bay near Sayward is 2 hrs.

This is the 25th record for the province of BC.

Photo: Nancy Bock

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