Sunday, December 11, 2016

RBA: BRAMBLING in Port Alberni - December 3-5th

On December 3-2016, Daryl Henderson and Annette Bailey found a Brambling at their home on 7th Avenue, near China Creek Rd in Port Alberni. Over the days that the bird was present, it would only appear for a few minutes at a time. They have not seen the bird since December 5th, when Daryl took the photos.  The bird was always associating with Dark-eyed Juncos and 3 White-throated Sparrows. If the bird returns, the homeowner will be fine with people coming to look for it, as long as people let him know in advance. However, it has not been seen since December 5th. If the Brambling returns, I will update on how the homeowner will like to arrange visitation.

Photo: Daryl Henderson

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  1. If any Vancouver Island birder, or visiting birder relocates this bird, and can provide intel, it would be greatly appreciated, especially by Big Year birder, Olaf Danielson. He still needs that bird.
    I will occasionally try to find more intel on rare B.C. birds for Olaf as he is busy flying coast to coast. Recent e.g.s include seeing the Shellduck in Sept Isles Quebec, followed by a flight all the way to the Washington to see the Neah Bay Rustic Bunting. He would definitely chase the Brambling if it was possible.
    I am also including my usual e-mail address in this post, and hope that this is alright.

    Thanks, Thor

    Thor Manson Gallagher Lake, B.C.