Tuesday, December 20, 2016

RBA: LESSER GOLDFINCH in Merritt - Dec 18-Jan 28th

On December 18th-2016, during the Merritt CBC, Liis Jeffries found a male Lesser Goldfinch at a seed feeder and nearby birch tree with a flock of American Goldfinches at a private residence at 1721 Hill Street off Lindley Creek Rd. This feeder is located opposite to "Jackson's Welding"and easily viewable from the Rd. Liis was leading the CBC group and several observers got to see the bird.

The bird was seen again at 11:45am on December 21st-2016, by Alan Burger in the same location.This time it was by itself without the American Goldfinch flock and he was able to get some photos.

The bird was seen at 9:30am on December 22nd in the same location by Chris Charlesworth and at a nearby private home feeder on Dec 23rd.

At 11:25am on December 27th, the bird was last seen at Murphy Shewchuk's bird feeder at his private home on the south side of Merritt.

At 2pm on December 28th, the bird was seen at the original location 1721 Hill Street. It was feeding on the catkins of a birch tree in the front yard.

On Jan 1-3, 2017 the bird was seen in Murphy Shewchuk's yard.

When attempting to view this bird please stay off private property and view the bird and feeder from the street. Please be respectful of the private residence.

On Jan 27-28th, the bird was seen once again at the feeder at 1890 Hamilton Ave. This location is open to the public and viewable up the driveway from the road.

The bird has not been seen since January 28th.

Male Lesser Goldfinch in Merritt - Photos: Alan Burger

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