Thursday, January 5, 2017

RBA: RED-THROATED PIPIT in Victoria - January 5-9th

At 11:30am on January 5-2017, Ann Nightingale saw and heard a Red-throated Pipit fly over calling three times at Martindale Flats. The bird was with a Killdeer and both were being pursued by a falcon. The bird flew from Michell Airpark towards cornfields that are north of Martindale Rd. At 4:30pm, Ann relocated the bird once again at Martindale Flats. The bird was in the stubble field just north of the Michell Airpark with American Pipits. She had it in the scope for 10 seconds before it headed into deeper grass. The bird was not photographed.

At 11:30am on January 6-2017, Randy Dzenkiw relocated the RTPI in the Northeast field at Martindale Rd and Lochside Dr.  Multiple observers got to view the bird up until 12:30pm. The bird was photographed.

Map to location HERE

At 12pm on January 7-2017, the bird was seen and heard calling by Guy Monty, as it landed in a field just past the Michell Airpark. It was not relocated after this sighting.

At 3:30pm on January 9th the bird was heard by Ann Nightingale as it flew towards Martindale Rd from Lochside Dr.

The bird was not seen since January 9th.

Photo: Randy Dzenkiw

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