Sunday, January 1, 2017

RBA: TUFTED DUCK in Richmond - Jan 1-March 13th

At 10:30am on January 1st-2017, Ben Keen found an adult male Tufted Duck in the SE inner pond at Iona Regional Park. Multiple observers saw the bird after this in the NE and SE inner ponds and it was photographed. To gain access to the inner ponds a gate code is needed. Please contact Jude Grass at to obtain the code. The park is located at 945 Ferguson Rd in Richmond and is open daily from 7am-5pm.

The bird was seen in the NE inner pond on Jan 2nd.

On January 10th, the bird was seen off the Iona causeway and throughout the day in the NE inner pond.

On January 13th, the bird was seen off the Iona causeway.

On January 14th, the bird was seen at 2:30pm off the Iona South Jetty by the first shelter.

On January 15th, the bird was seen off the Iona causeway, in the NE inner pond and by the 1st shelter on the south jetty in a Scaup flock.

On January 19-23rd, the bird was seen in the SE inner pond.

On March 4th, the bird was relocated by Peter Candido in the NW inner pond.

The bird continues in the NW inner pond as of March 13th.

Photo: Alberto Vilca

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  1. That's great! Here in Berlin they're quite rare, too. But in Tiergarten (big park in center of town ) there's a couple.