Saturday, April 8, 2017

BLACK PHOEBE at Maber Flats near Brentwood Bay - April 8-15th

At around 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, April 8 a Black Phoebe was at Maber Flats near Brentwood Bay on southern Vancouver Island.  The bird was located at the east end of the central dikes - walking the southern of the two dikes is the best option to end up closest to the bird.  The bird was seen on the closest fence line, which is approximately 200 metres away.  There is a cottonwood tree in the field with a wooden telephone pole in front to the left, and the phoebe was seen on a fence line in front and to the left of the telephone pole.  The bird has been sighted with regularity from Highfield Rd recently, although some have had luck at the end of Meadowbank Rd.  The bird was originally found by Jeremy Gatten and has already been seen by multiple observers and record photos have been obtained.

The Black Phoebe was present as of Saturday (April 15) in the same area.  The bird moves around, so patience, constant scanning, and listening for its call will help in tracking it down.

This is the 20th record for the province of BC.

If only are rarities were so distinct - picture perfect Black Phoebe (Photo: Jody Wells)

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