Tuesday, April 11, 2017

RBA: WHITE-TAILED KITE in Metchosin - April 11th

At just after 9:30 am on the morning of April 11th, a White-tailed Kite was observed by David Allinson flying over the Sea Bluff Trail in Metchosin on southern Vancouver Island.  The Sea Bluff Trail is located just south of Witty's Lagoon and can be accessed at the north end off Wootton Rd or the south end off Parry Cross Rd.  The bird was flying over the treetops, so nearby open areas should be checked.  There are many agricultural fields in the area, but good candidate locations include: Swanwick Rd, Taylor Rd, the corner of Happy Valley and Rocky Point Rds, Pears Rd, Witty's Lagoon, Lindholm Rd (just west of Happy Valley Rd) and various fields along Metchosin Rd.  Additionally, scanning from Weir's Beach south towards William Head might be a worthwhile endeavour.

Immaculate record shots are not always an option, but this still works (Photo: David Allinson)

As of April 17, there have been no further reports of this bird, despite some effort to relocate it.

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