Monday, June 4, 2018

RBA: CRESTED CARACARA near Bella Coola - May 31-June 12th

On May 31-2018, Catherine Carter found a sub-adult Crested Caracara feeding in the pasture of a private farm on Hammer Rd at Canoe Crossing in Firvale, which is 35 km from the city of Bella Coola. The bird is viewable to the public but only from Hammer Rd.

Please DO NOT TRESPASS onto the farm property and STAY ON THE PUBLIC RD ONLY. Please be respectful of traffic and residents and do not block the road or driveways.

Map to exact location HERE

The bird was last present on June 12th.

The bird was not seen on June 13th.

This is the 5th record for BC.

Sub-adult Crested Caracara in Firvale - Photo: Melissa Hafting
Crested Caracara near Bella Coola - Photo: Michael Wigle


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    1. Hi Owen the bird continues as of June 10th sorry I missed your comment till today.