Monday, June 11, 2018

RBA: HERMIT WARBLER in Courtenay - June 11-July 17th

At 12pm on June 11th-2018, Lori Smith found what appears to be a pure male Hermit Warbler on Mt. Washington. She returned to the same spot at 6pm and the bird was still present. A video she made of the bird can be viewed below:

Directions to the bird: Take the turn off to Mt. Washington from Hwy 19, zero your odometer and stay on the road for 15 km. Just right before the 15km mark is a small pond on the left side. Then from here turn right on the gravel road (across from the pond) that has power lines running along it, and travel down it for 100 feet and the bird is singing in the alders.

Map to location HERE

The bird continues in the same location as of July 17th.

Male Hermit Warbler near Courtenay - Photos: Lori Smith

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