Saturday, October 6, 2018

RBA: LESSER GOLDFINCH in Cranbrook - Oct 6th

At 3 pm on October 6-2018, Dianne Cooper and Joe Rothermund found a male Lesser Goldfinch. It was in a small flock of American Goldfinches and House Finches, which flushed from a feeder beside the road at a private residence which is located in the 2200 block of Mission Wycliffe Rd. The bird flushed to a small bush off the west corner of the property.  Dianne watched the bird in the bush for 15 minutes, then the flock was flushed by a Red-tailed Hawk. The bird returned to the feeder area 15 minutes later where she viewed it foraging. She was able to get some digiscoped shots.

The feeder is just inside the property's fence adjacent to the road.and is viewable from a wide parking spot. Please do not block any driveways when viewing this bird and be respectful of all private property and residents in the area.

This is the 25th record for the province of BC.

The bird was not relocated on Oct 7th.

Male Lesser Goldfinch in Cranbrook - Photos: Dianne Cooper

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