Wednesday, November 28, 2018

RBA: ARCTIC LOON in Sooke - Nov 25-28th

At 7:58 am on Nov 25-2018, David Bell found an Arctic Loon at Beechey Head off East Sooke Park in Sooke. The bird was due west of Beechey Head about halfway to Secretary Island. Daniele Donnecke soon after got on the bird and viewed it as well. At the time, due to a distance of greater than 1.5 km and poor viewing conditions and brevity of the sighting (3 minutes), they were not able to conclusively tell if the bird was an Arctic Loon. Digiscoped photos they took were not conclusive.

On Nov 28-2018 at 9:45 am David Bell relocated the same bird and was convinced this time that the bird was indeed an Arctic Loon. He obtained digiscoped photos but due to distance they are not conclusive but highly suggestive. His description is consistent with an Arctic Loon ie: flat, blocky head, consistent white flanks at all angles and larger size than a Pacific. He was able to view the bird well for ten minutes during this sighting in good viewing conditions as well. The bird was last seen flying far out of sight towards Neah Bay, WA.

Map to location HERE

Map to parking lot HERE

This is the second confirmed photographed record for the province of BC and the 1st photographed record submitted to the BC BRC.

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