Friday, October 4, 2019

RBA: COMMON CRANE in Peace River - Oct 3-7th

At 11 am on October 3-2019, Jeannie Smith reported a bird to Mark Phinney as a possible Whooping Crane.

At 11:30 am on October 4-2019, Mark Phinney went to look for the bird and when he got to the location he actually found the bird to be a Common Crane (ABA Code 4) instead. The bird was located just north of Doe River and was in a mixed flock of 1400 Sandhill Cranes.

The bird seems to go back and forth across the road where it has been feeding and roosting just west of Hartnell Wetlands.

The flock has been feeding in a harvested wheat field and the best spot to watch it seems to be from HERE (an access road to a new well site on the west side of the Rolla highway, with 3 big black tanks). Please do not go all the way into the pad as it is an active site and there could be safety hazards.

Mark was able to photograph the bird by digiscoping the flock.

The bird was last seen on October 7-2019 and has been viewed by multiple observers.

*There has been no further sightings since Oct 7th. Snow has fallen and the cranes have departed the area*

Map to location of bird HERE

This is the 2nd record for BC.

Common Crane in Peace River - Photo: Christopher Coxson
Common Crane in Peace River - Photo: Jeff Dyck

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