Friday, October 18, 2019

RBA: YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER in Victoria - Oct 18-24th

At 12pm on Oct 18-2019, a bird was found that was thought to be a Tennessee Warbler. At 4:15 pm Geoffrey Newell and Jeff Gaskin joined up to twitch the bird. Newell immediately realized the bird was actually an old world warbler. The bird turned out to be a Yellow-browed Warbler (ABA Code 4).

The bird was along the SE dyke at Panama Flats, south of the metal building off Carey Rd.

Map to location of bird HERE

*Parking is on Baker Street off Carey Rd. Please do not block driveways. Police have been ticketing offenders who do so and park too close to street corners.

The entrance is on Carey Rd near Baker Rd - walk around the gray metal gates with the No Parking signs to access Panama Flats and the trail to the bird.*

This is the first record for Canada and the 1st for BC.

The bird was last seen in the same location on Oct 24th and has been viewed by multiple observers. 

***The bird was not relocated on Oct 25th.***

You can watch a video of the news story about this bird HERE

Yellow-browed Warbler in Victoria - Photo: Meghin Spencer
Yellow-browed Warbler in Victoria - Photo: John Gordon
Yellow-browed Warbler in Victoria - Photo: Geoffrey Newell


  1. For those interested, the closest previous record to Victoria was a fall record from Middleton Island, Alaska, a number of years ago. All the other AK records are from western Alaska and are all also from fall: 6 at Gambell, 4 from St. Paul, and 1 at Attu. Between the end of August and the second week of October. The only previous North American record away from Alaska is from southern Baja of a wintering birds a fair number of years ago.

  2. Exciting! Thanks for the addit'l. info. Paul Lehman but where is this bird normally found?

  3. Awesome record. The species became more common in W Europe during the last years, passing to be a national rarity to just a scarce migrant, in Spain. A dramatic change in few years.
    I would be most interested to upload one image to the First Country Reports section at the HBW Alive, if you give me permission.

    1. Please email me at and I can connect you with the photographers. The photos here have been placed on the blog with full permission to be used only here and I can't give permission for others' photos but I'll let you ask them directly :)

  4. Any chance this was seen afain yesterday?