Sunday, November 10, 2019

RBA: IVORY GULL in Wardner - Nov 10th

At 12:15 pm on November 10-2019, Alan Barnard and Mike Bentley found an Ivory Gull on Lake Koocanusa. The bird was viewed from 50 feet away with binoculars as it flew by them. They were not able to get photos (didn't have cameras) but had clear views. Their description of an adult all white bird with black legs and greenish yellow tipped bill does not fit anything else but an Ivory Gull. A leucistic gull would be ruled out due to the black legs. The bird kept flying south after their observation and they tried to relocate it for 8 km down the lake in vain but increasing snowfall made them stop.

However, there is an area further down the river that birders should check at Koocanusa Crossing that has open water (not iced over) with plenty of spawned out Kokanee Salmon that could attract the gull.

Map to location of where bird was last seen HERE.

This is the 8th record for the province of BC.

*The gull was not relocated on Nov 11th, despite multiple observers looking over a 20km stretch for several hours.*

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