Thursday, November 14, 2019

RBA: WHITE WAGTAILS near Prince Rupert - Nov 10-13th and Dec 9-11th

Erik Milton found a White Wagtail of the Black-backed subspecies (lugens) on Triple Islands Lighthouse, that he mans. The bird was present from Nov 10-13th. The bird was not seen on Nov 14th.

This location is not open to the public.

Map to location HERE

On Dec 9-11th Jim Redden found another or the same White Wagtail 32km away from Triple Islands Lighthouse at Green Island Lighthouse. A photo of the bird can be seen HERE.

The BRC has accepted this as a separate record, noting it could be the same individual that Erik Milton first found.

This is the 15th and 16th record for the province of BC.

White Wagtail in Prince Rupert - Photo: Erik Milton

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