Monday, July 4, 2022

RBA: 2 SEDGE WRENS CONFIRMED BREEDING near Fort St. John - July 4-12th

At 4:15 am on July 4-2022, Chris Coxson found 2 Sedge Wrens singing in the marsh across the parking lot from Watson Slough. He viewed both birds at the same time.The birds were present during his entire visit until 7am. He was able to obtain photos and audio. 

1 bird was found at the same location in 2019. Watson Slough is 30 mins from Fort St. John on Highway 29 towards Hudson’s Hope.

If birders travel through the marsh please be careful of trampling the habitat as the birds are nesting there and Yellow Rails do as well. Please do not use playback on these nesting birds.

Map to location HERE

At 2:30pm Christopher Di Corrado reported that he had 3 Sedge Wrens at once. 

On July 7-2022 Bill Beadle got video documentation showing a Sedge Wren carrying food confirming a first breeding record for BC.

Video by Bill Beadle below:

At least 2 adult birds continue in the same location on July 12th and have been viewed by multiple observers.

This is the 6th record for BC.

Sedge Wrens near Fort St. John - Photos: Chris Coxson

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