Sunday, July 24, 2022

RBA: NAZCA BOOBY in Victoria - July 23-24th

At 6:22pm on July 23-2022, Tasli Shaw found a Nazca Booby off Victoria while driving a whale watching vessel for Ocean Ecoadventures. The bird seems to be the same bird photographed in Seattle, WA on July 20th due to the distinctive plumage since it is a subadult. Tasli watched the Nazca Booby circling and sitting on the water at the south end of Trial Island for 8 minutes before she saw it fly SE at a rapid pace. She followed it as it flew SE for 5 mins until it was out of sight. She was able to obtain video documentation and photographs of the bird as well.

Map to location of where she saw the Nazca Booby HERE

At 4:12pm the Nazca Booby was relocated by Orion Giles and was photographed sitting on a log HERE off Race Rocks. It is not viewable from land and a boat is required to access this spot.

At 7:06pm the bird was photographed sitting on a log HERE by another whale watching captain Matt Stolmeier. This location is 4 nautical miles from the original observation. 

The bird was not relocated on July 25th, despite multiple observers looking.

This is the 3rd confirmed record for BC.

Nazca Booby in Victoria - Photos: Matt Stolmeier

Video by Tasli Shaw:

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