Monday, November 28, 2011

Hoary Redpoll reported from Nelson!

Report from Nov 27--Nelson, BC

Field description from Paul Prappas:

" It was sitting directly above me on a bare branch and I was immediately struck by the clear breast. Next to no streaking on it. Pure snow white. I checked out the face from below and felt that the face profile and beak look stunted. Finally, I was struck by the shape of the bird. It seemed bigger than the other Redpolls, chunkier as it was. I've seen Hoary's up in Alaska and would be the first to admit that they can be easily mistaken for a Common and vice versa, so I am wary. I suppose considering their variation, I could have miscalled this one, but it was a very Hoary-looking Redpoll."

--This sighting, along with reports of large numbers from the Creston area, and frequent reports from the Okanagan and coast, seem to suggest that it is going to be a great year for redpolls! There are already large flocks of Pine Siskins patrolling Vancouver and the Island, so get out there and check through each flock closely!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


[Photo: Guy Monty (Nov 23)]
--Any comments on whether it is of western or eastern origin?
Nov 19-25: A female-type SUMMER TANAGER has been recently photographed at an undisclosed location near Parksville, BC. It has been visiting a suet feeder. At this time, the homeowners would prefer to keep their address private.

UPDATE (Nov 25): The bird has not been seen since the morning of Nov 25.

I believe this is the *3rd record all-time for BC (the first 2 both coming from 2009--1 in May near Blue River, and 1 in summer near Golden).

Friday, November 18, 2011


[Photo: Paul Kusmin]
NOV 17-23

---This bird showed up on the 17th, then was seen by about 15 birders on the 18th before it hit a window. Fortunately, the bird recovered and was able to fly away after some quiet time in a shoebox. This was around 2pm.

Ann will be keeping tabs on the bird so if it sticks around then it may be possible for more visitors to have a go of it. To arrange for a visit, call Ann @ 604-925-1690

I believe this is only the second record of PAINTED BUNTING in Vancouver, and *5th all-time for BC.

Nov 24 UPDATE: The bird was not seen between 730am-11am this morning (usually the best time). The poor weather might have been a factor. Stay tuned for more updates...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nov 8--BLACK PHOEBE at Island 22, Chilliwack

Gord Gadsden found a Black Phoebe today around noon, at Island 22, Chilliwack. Apparently it was quite vocal, and was hanging out "south of the water jump."

More details and photos HERE

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Photographed today (NOV 1) by Don Manson at Machete Island, Revelstoke. A great find for the area!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL in Penticton (Oct 22-23...)

[Photo: Laure Neish]
For nearly a decade, a single adult Lesser Black-backed Gull has called Kelowna and Vernon its winter home. This bird (assuming it's the same one each year) typically shows up in the first week of November and stays until late March before departing to an unknown breeding area. In addition to this bird, there have been at least 4 other individuals (if not a few more) that have shown up in the valley. The easiest way to know there are more than one individual is when birds of different ages pop up. In this case, Laure Neish found an adult-type on Oct 22 along the Okanagan Lakeshore in Penticton-- it's still a little early for the usual Kelowna bird but who knows?

It was seen again today by Laure so maybe it'll stick around a bit longer in case anyone wants to have a look at this sharp-lookin' creature.

Click HERE to see more of Laure's photos of the bird.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

RBA: LARK BUNTING (Jordan River, Vancouver Island)

OCTOBER 16th/17th--

From Louis Havelind (Oct 16)--"It was about 50 m to the West of the main beach pull off area with the noticeboard, in the small pull off area at the start of the trial that leads through the forest toward the river. It stayed in the bushes around the concrete blocks that stop vehicles from going down the trail. This is not the beach side of the road and if you get to the camping area you have gone too far.

OCT 17--seen and photographed again along the beach and in the parking lot above the beach,
associating with Savannah Sparrows.

Monday, October 10, 2011


Oct 10---Chris Siddle really has something to be thankful for this evening! While casually checking out a chickadee in his backyard (on Silver Star Road), a PROTHONOTARY WARBLER glanced off his window and perched briefly in plain sight. Unfortunately it did not stick around, and has not been seen since.

Will post updates if subsequent sightings occur.

Monday, October 3, 2011


Oct 3--ANCIENT MURRELET delights locals in Penticton (while Russell is away of course).
[Photo below by Laure Neish]

First located by Laure Neish near the Penticton Yacht Club, it was last seeing flying toward Redwing Estates near the SW end of Okanagan Lake.

Same day: LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL at the Mouth of Mission Creek (Kelowna)
[Photo: Michael Force]

[2nd-cycle bird found by Chris Charlesworth and Michael Force]

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Manx Shearwater off Vancouver Island

On Sep 18, Mike and Sharon Toochin observed a single MANX SHEARWATER 35 nautical miles west of Quatsino Sound (West cost of Vancouver Island)--this was from a cruise ship.