Monday, May 8, 2017

RBA: LESSER NIGHTHAWK in Victoria - May 7th

At 10 am on May 7-2017, James Paterson photographed and reported a bird identified as a Common Nighthawk to eBird. Upon review of photos this morning, it was discovered that the bird is actually a Lesser Nighthawk. The white wing bar that appears in line with the end of the tertials, the blunt wing tips, the pale buff spotting on the wing coverts and the fact that there is no dark tones in the mantle or scapular that Common Nighthawks typically have, along with the early arrival date, all helped to confirm the bird as a Lesser Nighthawk.

The bird was found perched in a tree near 3491 Camcrest Place at Mount Tolmie Park.

Map to exact location HERE

Multiple observers have been looking for the bird on May 8th but as of yet, it has not been relocated.

This is the third record of Lesser Nighthawk for Vancouver Island and 4th for BC.

Lesser Nighthawk in Victoria - Photos: James Paterson

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