Sunday, September 16, 2018

RBA: BLACK-TAILED GULL in Lund - Sept 13-Oct 3rd

At 12pm on Sept 13-2018, while kayaking; Ken Wright found a 3rd cycle Black-tailed Gull near Lund. The bird was resting on Major Islet which is an island that is only accessible by boat. Ken observed the gull for an hour and left it there, before paddling
The bird was not seen on the morning of Sept 17th, but Pierre Geoffray relocated it resting on Major Islet on the evening of Sept 17th-2018.

The bird continues in the same location on Sept 18th and was viewed by multiple observers all day.

Map to location HERE

At 9:30 am on Sept 19-2018, the bird was sitting on the government dock in Lund and viewed by many observers. No boat is required to access this location.

Map to location HERE

The Black-tailed Gull was not relocated on the dock nor on Major Islet between Sept 20-22nd.

The bird was relocated in Powell River on Sept 24th, as it flew by the old golf course between the log dump and the breakwater HERE . The gull wasn't flying in the direction of Lund.

The Black-tailed Gull was relocated sitting on Major Islet on Sept 26th at 12pm.

To make reservations to get to Major Islet with Terracentric Coastal Adventures click HERE. The cost to rent the boat is 150$ per hour and it holds a maximum of 6 people.

The Black-tailed Gull was not relocated on Major Islet on Sept 27th.

The Black-tailed Gull was seen on Major Islet on Oct 3rd. Multiple observers have searched since this date but it has not been relocated.

This is the 3rd photo-documented record of Black-tailed Gull in the province of BC.

Black-tailed Gull on Sept 26, 2018 at Major Islet in Lund - Photos: Jeff Duerr
3rd cycle Black-tailed Gull in Lund - Photo: Kurt Hennige/Macaulay Library


  1. Which way was it flying on 24 Sep?

  2. I am pretty positive I saw it flying about 40 minutes out of the coast of Powell River from the Ferry on Tuesday 25th around 19:45. The black band on the tail was pretty distinctive. However, I cannot be 100% sure. But it would show that this bird does fly around...

    1. He sure gets around doesn't he Iwan? I am glad I saw him before he became so mobile. He was seen today Sept 26 at 12 noon sitting on Major Islet which is good news for those wanting to chase him.

  3. My name is Nicole and I am doing a ABA big year. I heading to Lund today in search of the Black-tailed Gull. Anyone that would like to help I would appreciate it a lot.

    1. Hi Nicole I'm sorry to say that the bird has not been relocated since Oct 3 and several people have looked since. I wish you good luck if you try.