Thursday, September 27, 2018

RBA: RED-FOOTED BOOBY off Haida Gwaii and Vancouver Island - Sept 27-28th

An adult dark morph Red-footed Booby came into BC waters at 2pm on Sept 27-2018. He was first discovered on Sept 22-2018 by Kyle Brynjolfson, as it flew onto his commercial fishing vessel "La Porsche." He was fishing for Albacore Tuna in international waters at the time HERE. The bird never left the vessel for long periods, other than for flying around and fishing, and is still sitting on the ship. It is currently 120 miles off of Cape Saint James in Haida Gwaii. They are travelling within 30 miles of Cape Scott on Vancouver Island where they will continue to fish for the next 1-2 days before returning to port. If the booby continues to stick to the ship, a pelagic or boat out of Port Hardy would have a good chance of seeing him.

Map to the exact location of the Red-footed Booby on Sept 27-2018 HERE

As of 7 pm on Sept 28-2018 the Red-footed Booby continued with the vessel off Cape Scott on Vancouver Island.

Map to the exact last known location of the Red-footed Booby on Sept 28-2018 HERE

The bird flew off the vessel on the evening of Sept 28th and has not returned on Sept 29th.

First Red-footed Booby in BC - Photos: Kyle Brynjolfson

This is the 1st record for the province of BC!

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