Sunday, May 19, 2019

RBA: COSTA’S HUMMINGBIRD in Halfmoon Bay - May 19-22nd

At 12:20pm on May 19-2019, John Hodges spotted a male Costa’s Hummingbird at a feeder at a private home on Redrooffs Rd. As a few local birders were over having lunch they too were able to see the bird.

The home is not open to the general public and the feeder cannot be viewed from the public road.

The bird continues in the same location as of May 22nd.

This is the 30th record for the province of BC.

Male Costa's Hummingbird in Halfmoon Bay - Photo: Rand Rudland


  1. I wonder if it might be the same bird that overwintered in Powell River 2017/18?

  2. We will keep an eye out for him in PR ;-)