Wednesday, May 15, 2019

RBA: GREAT BLACK-BACKED GULL in Kelowna - May 13-17th

On May 13-2019, Ryan Tomlinson found what he thought to be a Western Gull but didn’t have binoculars at the time. On May 15th he put the word out to local birders who went out and saw the bird. They got some photos, including flight shots which helped confirm the sighting as an adult Great Black-backed Gull.

The bird is on sandbars at the mouth of Mission Creek.

Directions: Go to the end of Capozzi Road. There is limited parking. Water levels on the creek are high so be extremely careful walking along the edge of the creek. You then have to cross over a small dock and you will see the sandbars where the gull is through the willow trees. This is not for anyone with mobility issues.

Map to location HERE

***The gull can take long absences of 3-5 hours between sightings. Patience is key with this bird!***

The bird was last seen in the same location at 10:25 am on May 17th. 

The bird was not relocated on May 18th despite multiple observers looking.

This is the second record for the province of BC

Great Black-backed Gull in Kelowna - Photo: Melissa Hafting
Great Black-backed Gull in Kelowna - Photo: Nathan Earley

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