Wednesday, May 1, 2019

RBA: 2 LESSER GOLDFINCHES in Princeton - May 1-7th

Edward Lahaie found a Lesser Goldfinch at a nyjer feeder at his home at 460 Auburn Crescent in Princeton. This is the 5th year, that he has had a Lesser Goldfinch in his yard.

This is the 25th record for the province of BC. 

Lesser Goldfinches are most likely breeding now in the province in the city of Osoyoos with up to 15 birds still present. However, no nests have been found yet to confirm this.

On May 7th a second bird (a male with a darker cap) turned up at the property that looked very different than the original bird.

The public is more than welcome to come view these birds but please knock on the front door first before going in to view the bird. Please be respectful of private property and other residences in the area.

The birds continue in the same location as of May 7th.

Male Lesser Goldfinch in Princeton on May 3rd - Photo: Edward Lahaie
Second Male Lesser Goldfinch with darker cap in Princeton - Photo: Edward Lahaie 

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