Friday, May 25, 2018

RBA: COSTA'S HUMMINGBIRD in Powell River - May 23-25th

On May 23-2018, Sara Brown found a male Costa's Hummingbird at her home on Skeena St. It came back each day including May 25th. The home may be open to the public if the bird returns at which time I will post the address.

From Sept 7, 2017-March 16, 2018 a male Costa's Hummingbird was visiting the home of Ken and Kathleen Pritchard just 20 mins away. You can read about that sighting HERE. In all probability this is the same bird but there is no way to tell for sure.

The bird has not returned since May 25th.

This is the 29th record for BC.

Male Costa's Hummingbird in Powell River - Photo: Sara Brown


  1. I think we have one here in Parksville. 2 of my kids on separate and independant occasions, have described an amazing looking hummingbird with a brilliant "purple head and throat". Considering that these 2, (age 18 and 21) don't give a "hoot" about my bird watching, and it even got their attention, I thought it must be something different. So I googled up the Costas hummingbird from their description and they both agreed that it looked liked the images I showed I need just to get a good photo!!! :) So exciting!