Saturday, May 19, 2018

RBA: PROTHONOTORY WARBLER in Princeton - May 19th

At 11:30am on May 19-2018, Edward Lahaie found a male Prothonotary Warbler at his home at 460 Auburn Crescent in Princeton. The bird was foraging in the Hawthorne bushes in his yard but was not relocated after looking for it all day and a photo could not be taken. 

He gave a detailed description of the bird as he viewed it from 12 feet away: "Deep yellow coloured, gray blue wings, white under tail with larger dark bill."

The home is open to the public and the address is 460 Auburn Crescent, Princeton. Please do not knock on the front door before proceeding to the backyard. Please be respectful of the homeowner's property and residences in the area and do not block driveways.

This is the 9th record for the province of BC.

The bird was not relocated on May 20th.

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