Sunday, May 27, 2018

RBA: NORTHERN PARULA in Nakusp - May 27th

At 8:30am on May 27-2018, Gary Davidson et al. found a singing Northern Parula at the east end of the Nakusp and Slocan Railway Trail (accessed from Hwy 6) that leads to Summit Lake in Nakusp.

Map to exact location HERE.

They viewed the bird for 10 mins and left it singing there.

Directions: Hwy 6 crosses Bonanza Creek at the spot where Summit Rd meets the highway. There is a parking area on the south side of the highway here. Then walk along the marked Nakusp and Slocan Railway Trail. 

Note that the trail is flooded in places at the moment, wear boots. 

This is the 19th record for the province of BC.

Northern Parula in Nakusp - Photo: Gary Davidson

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